Scientist & Publicist

Welcome to my home page!

You can find here information about both my career of scientist in Organic Chemistry and my current activities.

I spent 25 years on research in the Chemistry of Coal - trying to understand the chemical structure of different coals and to discover something new in their reactivity. My work at Bulgarian Academy of Sciences was difficult because of lack of good conditions for a modern experimental research. I established good connections with scientists from Germany and the USA. After working in Germany I moved to the U.S. (Lehigh University) invited to do research on Coal Liquefaction (obtaining gasoline from coal). However, when the U.S. won its first war with Iraq (1990-91) the interest in this field vanished. I retired from research in Chemistry in 1996.

I have always followed the political and social life in my native country Bulgaria. Publishig in Bulgarian newspapers and journals became my passion. I wanted to help on the difficult post-communist transition by different stories, comments, and information on the western life.

Now I am entirely devoted to a direct journalistic coverage of the Bulgarian science and higher education by running the information and discussion blog 'bulgarianscienceproblems'. I am able to follow the events and the problems through the Web and to use my knowledge of the organization of the science and the higher education both in Europe and in the U.S. I believe, my efforts contribute to the difficult struggle for reforms against the desperate resistance of burdened with their communist past Bulgarian science and higher education administrators.